The Tartar regional Vocational Training Center (VTC) is built on an acquired piece of land based on the project: “establishing of a vocational training center for mine victims and retiree de-miners” finacied by the United States department of States. In acquiring the land space, the local authority was highly assistive. Through their support, IEPF could locate the VTC in the central of the region, with availability of electricity, water, telephone, and good road network.
The 2 deck VTC is occupying some space within a vast land that was previously serving as a Poultry farm during the USSR period. The VTC compound is equally large enough, the size of a hockey field.

VTC would have at least 2 appropriate training rooms, a library, manager and trainers’ room, at least 3 lodging rooms, coffee rooms, conference hall, toilets, bathroom and kitchen. At present, the ground floor is completed with the training rooms, manager and trainers’ room, library and toilet. In the nearest future, the other structures in the VTC would be ready for operations and additional structures would be added in the VTC compound space. Additional structures like: practical rooms, exhibition room, water reservoir, etc.

Tartar Regional Vocational Center is unique in Azerbaijan in that it’s the first private sector facility of this kind. The center would assist in capacity development for all categories of war victims. Although, community members can benefit from the service future, it is intended that small charges would be levied on those outside the core benefiting group.