UNICEF Representative in Azerbaijan -Mr. Mark Hereward and his Officer-in-Charge of Education –Mr. Kenan Memmedli visited Tartar to assess the Vocational Training Center managed by the IEPF. VTC was opened for operation in 2009 and was built through the financial support of the U.S Department of State, through the Office of Weapons Removal and Abatement (PM/WRA).

Besides visiting IEPF center, the UNICEF representative also visited 2 schools in Terter, in order to get acquainted with the state of pre-schools and high school facilities in the Tartar district.

The Chairman of IEPF -U. Rehimoglu also took part in the meeting with the UNICEF delegate and the Head of Executive Authority of the Tartar District -Vidadi Isayev. Mark Hereward informed Mr. Isayev about the purpose of his visit to the Tartar district, and stated UNICEF intentions in assisting the war affected regions of Azerbaijan; and that he would like to see continued commitment of International communities to work in the Tartar district. He also had good words for IEPF, because of the various projects implemented by IEPF in the conflict zones. However, he added that UNICEF is also in Terter to learn about successes and see how it can be replicated in other regions of Azerbaijan.

Vidadi Isayev gave general information to the UNICEF delegate about the Tartar district. He also emphasized the great benefits of IEPF projects in the district, in helping community development, as a good way of collaborations between local NGOs and the government. The head of executive power remarked that his office will always support and even jointly collaborate to all initiated assistance to members of civil societies interested in working in Terter.

During their tour of the VTC, Mr. Hereward and Mr. Memmedli observe the training process carried out on Agricultural practices, computer and Advertisement designs, and carpet-making.

At the end of the visit Mr. Hereward with his delegate sat at the IEPF regional office with the Chairman of IEPF -U.Rehimoglu and the heads of Programs in order to share his impressions on the visit. He expressed his satisfaction on projects carried out by the IEPF as he emphasized the significance and importance of these kinds of works. Mr. Hereward remarked: “We highly evaluate your activities on assistance for the people who live in the war affected territories. I suppose there are enough opportunities for collaboration between UNICEF and IEPF, which we would obviously look into in the nearest future to see how to realize the purpose in assisting the war affected region”.

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