The trainer for the Agricultural practices is: Mr. Bardari Nizami.

The trainer and the trainees worked as a single workforce in the field of land appropriated for the purpose. The land that is measured about 1 hectare, several crops were planted such as: Apricot, Apple, vegetable plants, Nuts of various kinds, etc.

Seedlings were also cultivated for fruit trees and these seedlings are already demanded by needing farmers.

All the trainees in the Agricultural practice group are men and they are all victims of the war with various degrees of invalid. Most of them needed skills to develop and advance their small farms in order to sustain their needs and needs of their family members. Therefore the training was targeted on achieving this for the participants. The participants learnt how to improve the quality of their farm products through budding and grafting; how to argument their irrigations availability and doing good irrigation channelling, etc.

Most of the trainees were already applying the skills learnt in their own farms. Also the IEPF hopes to expand the activity of the farm to do large scale farming on seedlings within the project activity of “extension of the VTC”. The participants in the Agricultural trainings would be involved as workers in some cases for the farm activity in the extended VTC.